Cadillac Lawsuits

While traffic accidents in general are becoming more frequent and more deadly, incidents involving Sports Utility Vehicles are proving to be even more disastrous. The notoriety of these vehicles has increased as SUV fatalities rose 11 percent in 2003 to a total of 4,451. Single-vehicle rollover crashes accounted for nearly 50 percent of driver deaths in SUVs in 2002, compared with 36 percent of fatalities in pickups and 20 percent of deaths in cars. And the proportion of deaths involving SUV drivers is growing annually as the popularity of these vehicles increases.

While many consumers claim to like SUVs because they feel that the vehicles are safer, thousands of Americans are killed and others suffer severe and chronic injuries as a result of weak vehicle roofs that collapse during rollovers. Because of the vulnerability of these roofs, the pillars can collapse, seriously hurting or even killing the passengers inside the vehicle. Typically persons injured by roof crush have lower-cervical neck fractures and sustain major back injuries – including lifelong paralysis.

Though automobile companies have been aware of these dangerous design flaws for years, critics say the industry has hidden that danger from consumers to protect massive profits. If you have been a victim of a rollover, the designers and manufacturers of the Cadillac Escalade involved in your accident should be held accountable for your injuries. Fill out the free case review form today.

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