Dioxin Exposure

(CDDs, CDFs, and TCDDs)

Dioxin is the name for a group of chemicals that are similar in chemical make up and are known to be dangerous to human health. There are more than 200 substances that are classified as dioxin. Dioxin is a naturally occurring substance in the environment as a result of volcanic activity and wild fires, so it is natural for all living things to be exposed. These natural levels of dioxin exposure, however, are relatively low. Especially when compared to the increased levels of dioxin that are introduced to the environment as a result of industrial activities.

Dioxin Health Side Effects

Dioxin is commonly a byproduct of internal combustion and in high concentrations, poses serious human health risks. Complications due to overexposure to dioxin are numerous. The most serious health complication associated with this highly toxic chemical is cancer. Some other complications include:

Often dioxin is introduced into the human body through diet. Many meat, fish and dairy products are contaminated with dangerous levels of dioxin due to the fact that dioxin often ends up in the soil and sediments where these animals feed.

Chemical Exposure Lawsuit Attorneys

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