Liver Cancer Lawsuit

Liver cancer can take many different forms, depending on the type of liver cell from which it develops. The most common liver cancers are tumors or tentacle-shaped growths that develop from hepatocytes, the main type of cell found in the liver. Tentacle-shaped hepatocellular cancer, which is frequently caused by liver cirrhosis, is the most widely seen pattern of liver cancer in the United States.

Both cirrhosis and ongoing infection from either hepatitis B or hepatitis C are serious risk factors for the development of liver cancer. Prior to strict screening and purification standards starting in 1990, many bleeding disorder and surgical patients contracted viral hepatitis through contaminated blood products and transfusions.

Certain chemical substances such as polyvinyl chloride, a plastic used in piping and wire insulation, can also cause liver cancer. Individuals who have developed liver cancer through the negligence or wrongdoing of another may have strong grounds for a personal injury claim.

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