Electric Blanket Defect

Electric blankets are a commonplace item in many American households. Millions of people who use these convenient devices, however, do not realize the serious risk of fire or thermal burns posed by defective or improperly used electric blankets.

Causes of Defective Electric Blankets

In 2003 alone, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported two major electric blanket recalls. Perfect Fit Industries recalled 18,000 blankets because folding or bunching the blankets caused overheating that resulted in burn injuries to consumers. WestPoint Stevens Inc. recalled 11,000 blankets due to faulty heating elements that caused the blankets to overheat and melt.

House fires leading to injury, death, and loss of property are a common result of electric blankets overheating. Many times it is the elderly who are the most affected by defective electronic blankets, as they tend to use them the most frequently.

Electric Blanket Lawyers

Consumers who have been injured or suffered property destruction or loss as a result of a defective electric blanket may be able to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer or retailer of that product. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

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