White Finger Syndrome

White Finger Syndrome is an occupational muscle disorder caused by extensive exposure to vibrating, hand-held power tools such as chain saws, jackhammers, and pneumatic drills.

Symptoms of White Finger Syndrome

Symptoms of the disorder tend to be triggered by cold and include numbness, lack of sensitivity and temporarily white fingers.

Causes of White Finger Syndrome

It is believed that long-term exposure to heavy vibration causes damage to the nerves that regulate blood flow in the arms and hands. This nerve damage, in turn, causes blood vessels to constrict in response to cold, temporarily restricting blood flow to the fingers. The greater the exposure to vibration, the more frequent the attacks. White Finger Syndrome is irreversible and can be painful and debilitating. Many people who suffer from the disorder are no longer able to work as a result.

White Finger Syndrome Lawsuits

Those suffering long-term disability from occupational White Finger Syndrome may be entitled to substantial financial compensation from their employer or another responsible party. If you or a love one has been diagnosed with white finger syndrome contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn more about your legal rights.

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