Work Injury Accidents

Factory workers, construction workers, and farm workers face numerous dangers on the job. Everyday, a large number of workers are injured or killed due to negligent actions of an employer, coworker, or third party. Sometimes, even non-workers are killed or injured. For example, a bystander may be injured when an object falls from a construction site.

When a bystander is injured in a construction or industrial accident, he or she can file a personal injury claim. If a worker is injured, however, he or she usually must file a workers’ compensation claim. When bystanders or workers die as a result of an injury on the job, their loved ones can file a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Causes of Work Injuries

Injuries occur at construction sites and industrial plants for various reasons, including:

  • Falls from ladders, scaffolding, and roofs
  • Falls in holes without guarding or barricades
  • Electrocutions
  • Heavy lifting
  • Falling objects
  • Dangerous equipment

Chemical Exposure on the Job

Sometimes, industrial workers are exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. These chemicals can lead to serious diseases, which may show up several years after exposure. Since chemical exposure cases are complex by nature, it is important to secure representation in order to collect maximum damages from the negligent party.

Some of the most common hazardous substances include:

  • Asbestos – Exposure can lead to asbestosis or mesothelioma
  • Benzene – Exposure can cause Leukemia and Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
  • Silica Dust – Inhalation can cause Silicosis

Explosions and Fires

An explosion or fire accident are catastrophic events that can cause serious injuries and death. They often leave victims and their families struggling to cope with intense emotional pain and mounting medical bills. Injuries that result from fires and explosions can be disfiguring to a person’s appearance, necessitating costly and extensive reconstructive surgery. Even after surgery, victims will most likely have visible scars that will never go away.

Causes of explosions and fires include:

  • Human error
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Poorly maintained gas pipelines
  • Improper handling of flammable or combustible materials

Farm Accidents, Including Tractor Rollovers

Like factory workers and construction workers, farm workers face many on-the-job hazards. They are constantly surrounded by potentially dangerous equipment at work. Whether due to human error or manufacturing defects, farm equipment can cause serious, debilitating injuries or even wrongful death.

Tractor rollovers are responsible for many of the injuries and deaths that occur on farms. Often, they are the result of faulty design. If this is the case, an attorney may be able to recover compensation from the manufacturer.

Filing a Work Accident Lawsuit

Work injuries and illnesses can be debilitating, resulting in large medical bills and impairing a victim’s ability to work. Our qualified attorneys can help victims recover compensation for pain, suffering, medical costs, lost wages, and permanent disability. If you or a loved one has suffered an industrial injury, contact our experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

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