Clomid Lawsuits

An increasing number of birth defects have been attributed to infants born to mothers who used Clomid before or during their pregnancy. A review of some of the medical literature from sources as famous as Harvard University addressing these concerns indicates that women who used Clomid are at significantly higher risk of having infants with defects than women who did not use the drug.

Among the Clomid defects reported are several types of heart problems, brain defects, autism, Down’s Syndrome, club foot, cleft lip or palate, open cranium, closed esophagus, intestinal protrusion and spina bifida.

Clomid Side Effects

The most popular fertility drug is Clomid, one of a class of drugs called selective estrogen receptor modulators. Since it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1967 Clomid has become the number one prescribed fertility drug and is designed to allow women who would not normally ovulate, or produce eggs, to do so.

There are many ways of finding out what the negative side effects of drugs are and what effect they may have upon you. In the instance of fertility drugs such as Clomid these side effects can affect not only the mother, but also the infant, in the form of birth defects.

There is ample medical literature available from respected researchers, physicians and medical school scholars in this area and much of it suggests there is a link between the use of Clomid before or during a pregnancy and the development of serious birth defects in infants born to these mothers.

FDA Warning on Clomid:

The Food and Drug Administration also keeps a list of adverse events and lists Clomid and other fertility drugs classified as selective estrogen receptor modulators in Pregnancy Category X. This means that women who are pregnant or might be pregnant should not use this medication because it has been designated in the highest level of pregnancy risk drugs.

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