Cruise Ship Accidents

When you go on vacation, it’s common to leave your worries at home. However, for hundreds of those “on holiday”, vacations are simply the beginning of many problems. That is because incidents such as cruise ship accidents happen without warning.

There are many types of cruise ship accidents, as those floating vacation destinations are more like little cities than mere boat rides. Some of the tragedies that occur are as follows:

Swimming Pool Incidents – Many cruise ship accidents take place around the swimming pool(s) located on the ship. Drowning occurs, people dive and get hurt, and slips and falls can easily happen as a result of the wet floor around the pool.

Falling Overboard – It’s especially sad when cruise ship accidents include someone actually falling off the ship. However, it does happen, especially when alcohol or stormy weather is involved.

Chemical Exposures – Because cruise ships carry many different chemicals aboard, it’s possible for passengers to be exposed to a variety of toxins. These types of cruise ship accidents are often not reported immediately; sometimes, persons have respiratory problems after going on vacation and, only after a thorough investigation, are able to trace their concerns back to the ship.

Fires – Water, water, everywhere… but fires are still causes of major cruise ship accidents. Again, people often lower their guards on the ships and forget about all the possibilities of fires – after all, there are smokers, ovens, and other heated items on the ship.

Food Poisoning – Cruise ships are known for their vast quantities of edibles. Unfortunately, in such an environment, food poisoning is common. If you were adversely affected by a severe bout of this type of salmonella, botulism, or other such poisoning, you’ve been the victim of a cruise ship accident.

Truly, there are as many kinds of cruise ship accidents as there are accidents on land. But where do you go when you’ve been the victim of a cruise ship accident?

Fortunately for you and your loved ones, our law firm has years of experience handling cruise ship accidents. Our team of legal experts stays on top of this type of law, and is accustomed to navigating the waters of the court system in cases of cruise ship accidents.

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