Hand Injury

Hands are a miracle of engineering. Bones, tendons, nerves, and muscle create a dexterous, nimble, strong yet sensitive package that enables us to interact with the world. By nature, hands and fingers are comprised of very delicate bones, easily broken by the trauma of a vehicle accident.

Casts, slings, and painful rehabilitation are consequences of a broken hand or a finger, and X-rays and doctor follow-ups are necessary but expensive nuisances. Casts prohibit dexterity necessary for many to adequately perform their jobs, and loss of income compounds the anger and frustration following a broken hand.

A broken hand may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but as someone who suffered through the experience, you know that such an injury can be financially and physically limiting. Getting a good attorney is the first step, but you must act quickly or you may risk letting the time run out on getting a proper settlement. Reparation for your injury is in within your grasp.

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