Hip Injury

Every year over 320,000 people are hospitalized for injuries to their hips, and only one out of every four ever completely regains their lost mobility. Rehabilitation to learn to walk again takes weeks, and during that time the therapy, medications, and doctor’s appointments continue to disrupt daily life and cost a small fortune.

A broken hip means a life of diminished activity, chronic pain, and frustration as your life is permanently disrupted because someone was careless behind the wheel. Staggering medical bills and the realization that a normal life is lost beyond recovery are unfortunate side effects of these injuries. These overwhelming factors often cause even strong victims to slip into depression, which delays and prolongs any healthy recovery.

A good lawyer understands the pain you have suffered, and knows getting your life back to normal includes restitution for the pain you are enduring. A rewarding and just settlement is the key to paying off your medical bills, compensating for time lost at work, and allowing you to feel whole again. Don’t wait and risk losing your potential settlement. Contact a lawyer today.

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