Knee Injury

Knees are very complicated mechanisms which combine bones, muscles, tendons, and cartilage into a cohesive joint which allows our locomotion. Because these joints are so complex, injuring them in a vehicle accident is particularly devastating. Tendons can tear, muscles can bruise, and bone and cartilage can break. Damage to any one of these vital parts prevents proper knee function, and causes terrible pain.

If you have broken your knee in a vehicle accident, you are familiar with the agony of the injury, the frustration over loss of mobility, and the unpleasant prospects of therapy and rehabilitation. These doctor appointments and therapy equipment are expensive, often surpassing personal savings or what insurance is willing to cover.

Contacting an experienced accident attorney in your state is the best way to start the healing process. Don’t delay, for any hesitation on your part could prevent you from collecting the full amount of damages owed to you. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today.

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