Lamisil Lawsuit

If you’ve been near a television screen in the past couple of years, you have probably seen “Digger”, the fungus-loving critter who is the star of Lamisil commercials. In fact, the images are so disgusting that they are permanently etched in the minds of many who have seen them, probably exactly what Lamisil’s makers intended.

Lamisil is a tablet used to treat nail fungus. It can also be given in cream or powder form to combat “jock itch” or “athlete’s foot” and sometimes ringworm. Because Lamisil is generally ingested, it takes a long time for it to attack its target; thus, a patient may imbibe Lamisil for months before seeing any results. Ironically, this is often done on the individual’s own dime; many insurance carriers do not consider nail fungus to be a serious enough problem to cover Lamisil if it has been prescribed to treat the condition.

Lamisil’s typically-reported side effects can include vision problems, influenza, joint pain, fatigue, nausea, flatulence/bloating, vomiting, retina damage, skin reactions, and liver disease. (The last item is of particular concern; because Lamisil is used for so long, it may cause toxic conditions in the liver. Therefore, most Lamisil patients are monitored by their physicians on a monthly basis.)

Lamisil should never be used by children, and should also be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as possible contraindications may occur.

The greatest public concern over Lamisil relates to its seemingly “harmless” advertising campaign. Those watching commercials with “Digger” are enticed to try the drug, because it seems so reasonable; after all, who wants yellowed toenails or fingernails?

However, this benign marketing approach raises serious questions. For instance, because Lamisil needs to be taken for such a long period of time to have any effect on nail fungus, what else could it be doing to the body? Whenever a foreign substance like a medication is introduced into the bloodstream, complications might not be noticed for many years. This is gravely concerning for attorneys like us who are committed to public safety and consumer advocacy.

Thus, we encourage you to make contact with our office if you have had any adverse reaction(s) to Lamisil. And never assume that your adverse reaction or complaint isn’t serious enough; we’re experts in the field of legal representation and will be able to give you a professional response based on our years of experience.

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