Neck Injury

A neck injury in a vehicle accident often causes fear, pain, and anxiety for the unlucky victim. After the initial shock of the accident wears off, they’re often left with the very real possibility of lifelong agony. Damage to this important part of the body often affects the ability to eat, disrupts the delicate circulatory and nervous systems, and can significantly reduce the flexibility necessary to live a normal life. Because of these critical functions, any injury to the neck is usually traumatic and potentially life-threatening.

It is important for the victim of such an injury to seek the proper medical attention for their condition, but it is just as important for those injured to seek informed legal advice regarding their situation. The healing process can be a long and tedious journey for victims of neck injuries, but proper legal counsel can help relieve some of the logistical and financial fears involved. If you suffer from a neck injury – regardless of the severity – consult an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area without delay.


Whiplash is the most common neck injury suffered in vehicle accidents, particularly in rear-end collisions. A sudden jolt throws the victim’s head forward, while the rest of the body struggles to keep aligned. After the initial impact, the neck then snaps the head backwards, often as hard as the head was thrown forward. This sudden jerk is what causes the hyperextension of the neck – more commonly known as whiplash.

It does not take much for a victim of a vehicle accident to feel the effects of whiplash. Traveling as slow as five miles per hour is often enough to trigger some neck discomfort and pain. Even though whiplash is a comparatively minor injury, the long term effects on a victim can range from headaches and double vision to difficulty concentrating and irritability. These conditions are difficult to identify, and sometimes require rather elaborate and expensive tests.

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and you suffer from any kind of neck pain, you should consult a doctor immediately. However, it’s also imperative to speak to a knowledgeable and responsible attorney trained in neck injury cases. Delaying consultation may prevent you from recovering all the damages owed to you, so don’t hesitate. Find an accident lawyer in your area by filling out the free case review form today.

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