One of the most tragic outcomes of a vehicle accident is paralysis – usually only death is more horrific. Paralysis occurs when a vital nerve that controls various parts of the body is damaged or severed, usually due to a particularly traumatic impact to the neck or spinal cord. Tragically, parts of a victim’s body no longer retain the same mobility or sensation as they did before the accident. Sometimes legs no longer work, hands no longer grasp, and in more severe cases, entire portions of the body are left immobile, irresponsive, and useless.

Living with paralysis is a difficult adjustment to make for a normally able-bodied individual. For those facing permanent disability, life must be approached with a new outlook, one of diminished mobility and sensation. Basic interactions become more difficult, and accommodations must be made to make the victim feel comfortable. Less severe is the temporary paralysis that comes from a pinched or inflamed nerve, but regardless of the amount of time, paralysis is an imposition on not only the victim, but on everyone the victim must rely on for basic life functioning.

If you suffer from paralysis due to the negligence of another, those responsible for the accident have the obligation to compensate you for your profound physical and emotional loss. Time is of the essence – delaying legal recourse could cause you to miss out on the reparations owed to you by the negligent party. An experienced lawyer trained in paralysis litigation can get you what you need to get your life back on track. Find an accident lawyer by filling out the free case review form today.

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