Pelvis Injury

A broken pelvis is one of the most serious conditions a victim of a vehicle accident can endure. The pelvis is the ring-like structure of bones at the lower end of the trunk which cradle and protect the lower digestive tract. Even a small fracture from an accident can cause the victim unbearable pain. More severe breaks do not only affect the bone, but can damage the delicate internal organs shielded and protected by the pelvis. The pelvis takes a great deal of time to heal, and during that time eating, moving, and sleeping often become sources of agony.

Treating a broken pelvis is a very expensive regimen of rehabilitation and medication. Many X-rays are needed, and depending on the condition of the victim and the severity of the injury, surgery is often a requirement to repair the damage. Screws, bolts and metal plates facilitate the healing of the bones, but do not make the recuperating process any easier for the victim.

A lawyer that specializes in pelvic injuries knows how much pain you have suffered. That is why they will fight to get you the settlement you deserve, and pursue justice so that the perpetrator is punished. Contact an experienced attorney soon, for Statute of Limitations limit the amount of time you have to collect damages. Don’t let that happen, you deserve better.

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