As humans, our active lives dictate that we must be free to move – one reason that there are few things as tragic as losing control over your body. This regrettable situation is exactly what quadriplegics face after a vehicle accident – all motor skills, sensation, and even simple tasks many take for granted such as eating and breathing are impossible, often lost beyond recovery. When the spinal cord is severed in the neck above the shoulders, there is little hope of recovering a normal life.

Living with quadriplegia is a challenging situation not only for the victim, but also for their family and friends. Everyday activities such as washing, eating, and dressing become arduous chores – more formidable than anything most people will ever have to face. The medical bills begin to pile up and never seem to stop. Then comes expensive and difficult therapy, home modification, loss of job income, and a painful psychological adjustment. The emotional suffering is also great – quadriplegia caused by the negligence of another is an extremely difficult situation to deal with, often leading to complicated emotions of anger, fear, and depression.

A compassionate and understanding lawyer can help ease the burden placed on you and your family. This difficult time can be made easier when those responsible are made to take responsibility for their mistakes and see that you are compensated for your intense loss. You have already suffered enough; don’t lose more by not pursuing a just settlement. Find an accident lawyer in your area by filling out the free case review form today – you owe it to yourself.

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