Rear End Collision Accidents

Although a rear impact collision is the least fatal type of auto accident, they are the most common incidents on the road today – with approximately 2.5 million occurring each year. The rising use of on road distractions such as cell phones, Palm Pilots, and Blackberry devices – coupled with the ever-expanding number of young and inexperienced drivers on the road – have contributed to an annual increase in rear end collisions and the injuries stemming from such incidents.

While insurance companies repeatedly assert that victims of rear end collisions escape generally unscathed because of the usually low speed of the vehicles during the crash, chronic and debilitating injuries often result from even a minor accident. Evidence of such injuries as whiplash (a hyperextension of the neck) can appear days and even years after the incident, and can be lifelong and excruciatingly painful. Don’t take any chances on your physical or financial health, especially when someone else was at fault.

If you are the victim of driver negligence, you need to communicate immediately with a qualified and experienced rear end collision attorney who understands the complexities of personal injury law. It’s important to start the process as soon as possible so that the statutes of limitations don’t lapse, leaving you empty handed and without the rightful recourse for financial reparations.

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