Shoulder Injury

A shoulder break can be a painful and chronic consequence of a vehicle accident. The shoulder is comprised of two very strong bones called the scapula and the clavicle. The scapula, commonly referred to as the “shoulder blade,” does not break easily, but vehicle accidents can cause serious internal trauma strong enough to damage these important bones. The clavicle, more commonly called the “collarbone”, is often broken in vehicle accidents because it is far more delicate.

Sleeping, sitting, and even walking are all affected by a broken shoulder. Once diagnosed and treated, broken collarbones or shoulders take weeks to properly heal, and during that time slings or neck supports are necessary for proper rehabilitation. These cumbersome devices interfere with life and unfortunately prohibit many from enjoying most types of physical activities. X-rays and physical therapy are necessary expenses, but expensive ones that you shouldn’t have to pay.

You deserve compensation if someone has broken your important bones. In order to get all you deserve, contact an attorney in your state. Don’t wait though; any delay could prevent you from receiving all that is owed to you by the negligent party. Your lawyer knows the healing process truly begins when justice is served. It’s up to you to make that important contact.

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