Side Impact Collision Accidents

A common accident on American streets occurs when the front of the oncoming vehicle strikes the side of your vehicle – resulting in side impact collisions. These types of accidents are responsible for over 9,000 deaths annually – only head on collisions are more deadly. In fact, in 2004, approximately 26% of all fatal auto accidents and 31% of all non-fatal auto accidents were the result of side impact collisions. Most of these incidents occur at intersections as the result of a failure to yield at a stop sign or red light, and are thus preventable – you shouldn’t have to pay for another driver’s negligence.

Although side impact collisions are often serious, even minor accidents can cause debilitating and chronic injuries, and you have the right to be compensated for damages and expenses incurred when you are the victim of a wreck. It’s important to start the process as soon as possible because the success of the case usually depends on the medical records registered from the accident, and as more time lapses, the connection becomes more and more difficult to prove.

Another factor in being compensated for your injuries involves statute of limitations time constraints – which makes it all the more imperative for you to contact an experienced attorney who will fight for your rights as the victim. Find an accident lawyer in your state by simply filling out the free case review form. Make sure that you collect what is legally and rightfully yours.

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