Wrist Injury

The wrist is one of the most complicated areas of the human body. The eight bones that comprise the wrist are necessary for proper movement, and a break or a fracture in any one of these bones can greatly reduce the flexibility of the hand. Because the wrist is so complex and so fragile, a break or a fracture in any one of the bones is difficult to fully repair. Many victims of broken wrists report they lose significant strength or flexibility even after healing and rehabilitation.

Permanent disability because of another’s vehicle negligence may cause confusion, frustration, and anger. Casts and slings are necessary for proper healing, but are not always pleasant to endure. X-rays and therapy are very expensive, adding a financial burden to an already stressful experience.

A good lawyer will help alleviate this stress. An experienced personal injury attorney understands the negative emotions common to wrist injuries, and will fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Don’t delay in pursing your case though, because the law limits the amount of time you have to collect what is owed to you. Even the best lawyer cannot help you if you miss your opportunity, so every second counts.

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